In the latest installment of iPhone 8 scoops obtained from the leaked Apple HomePod firmware, developer Guilherme Rambo has unearthed a code that talks about the eventual new options that will come with the iPhone 8's vertical dual camera. References to a "SmartCam" option indicate some sort of automatic scene selection software, akin to the Intelligent Auto mode on Sony phones, or other similar camera software algorithms. 

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There are several scene mentions, such as Baby, Bright Stage, Document, Fireworks, Foliage, and others, so the camera would allegedly look for those in a frame, and adjust exposure, ISO and other variables accordingly on the fly. Now, whether you will be able to also choose those scenes manually, remains to be seen, but given Apple's propensity to make iPhone users' lives easier, the process might be fully automatic.


Object recognition already exists in Apple's Photos app, while a "Neural Engine" co-processor has been rumored for the upcoming Apple A11 chipset that will be specifically tasked with AI and Face ID purposes. Speaking of face recognition, the developer has also found references to Apple Pay using the new Face ID set for authentication, instead of Touch ID, so either there won't be finger-scanning paraphernalia on the iPhone 8, or the rumored 3D face-mapping tech will be working in parallel with it, wherever it may be placed.