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Apple says it fixed the unexpected iPhone 6/6s shutdown issue for some users

Le 22 août 2017, 11:07 dans Humeurs 0

Some iPhones out there keep shutting down unexpectedly, even when there’s enough battery left. Apple has made few official comments on the matter since the problems started plaguing various devices including the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. The company kicked off a limited battery replacement program for the iPhone 6s, without including older devices in it.iPhone keeps restarting.Apple did suggest that future software updates might fix the battery issues, without revealing more details. And it appears that, contrary to what we thought, iOS 10.2.1 actually fixes some the unexpected shutdowns. 


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Apple did not immediately announce the bug fix, as it needed time to determine whether it actually works, TechCrunch reports.

In a statement, the company explained that it made “improvements to reduce occurrences of unexpected shutdowns that a small number of users were experiencing with their iPhone.”

iOS 10.2.1 is already installed on over 50% of active iOS devices, the company says, Looking at diagnostic data received from upgraders, Apple says it sees a “more than 80% reduction in iPhone 6s and over 70% reduction on iPhone 6 of devices unexpectedly shutting down.”

Furthermore, Apple said that it added a new feature, the “the ability for the phone to restart without needing to connect to power” in case you’re still affected by the problem.

“It is important to note that these unexpected shutdowns are not a safety issue, but we understand it can be an inconvenience and wanted to fix the issue as quickly as possible,” Apple added. “If a customer has any issues with their device they can contact AppleCare.”

TechCrunch further explains that the issue is more likely to affect iPhones with older batteries, where sudden spikes of activity to the maximum power draw would trigger shutdowns.

Apple is apparently adding a feature in the latest beta that would allow the auto-restart of the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 models. Apple will also add a message that reads “your battery needs service” inside the Settings app of iOS 10.2.1 over the next few days.

Apple iPhone 8

Le 18 août 2017, 10:10 dans Humeurs 0

Apple, last year, was embroiled in a controversy when it was asked by the US government to unlock the iPhone 5c of an accused terrorist. Although Apple didn't give the permission on the grounds of privacy, the FBI later claimed it had successfully breached the iPhone lock screen and entered the phone spare parts. Now, it looks like the Cupertino-based firm is ramping up its security in iOS 11 even further.


As spotted by some users on Twitter, Apple's iOS 11 public beta includes a new setting from where it will let those who are worried of being forced to unlock the device, disable the Touch ID. mobile phone spare parts.The setting, which is said to automate emergency services, will let iPhone users tap on the power button five times. On tapping the power button, iOS 11 will show the option to either disable the Touch ID or dial emergency services.

This new iOS 11 feature disables the fingerprint sensor temporarily and users can still enter the device using the passcode. It is worth adding that until now, users had to restart the device in order to disable the fingerprint phone spare parts


This move will certainly make it difficult for federal agencies, or any other person for that matter, to crack open the iPhone lock with a fingerprint. We are yet to see how this will work with the iPhone 8, as it may not be featuring a physical TouchID sensor. Nonetheless, clubbing it with the rumoured facial recognition lock could make the handset one of the most secure devices aroun

iOS 11 Beta Problems

Le 16 août 2017, 10:21 dans Humeurs 0

Before the finish of 2017, Apple will to put its exclusive machines for patching split iPhone glass in around 400 approved outsider repair focuses in 25 nations, organization administrators told Reuters. 

Among the primary beneficiaries is Minneapolis-based Best Buy, which has long sold and adjusted Apple items. The hardware retailer as of now has one of the screen-repair machines at a Miami-region store and one coming soon to an outlet in Sunnyvale, California. 

Settling broke screens may appear like little potatoes, however it's a multi-billion-dollar worldwide business. The move is additionally a noteworthy move for Apple. The organization had beforehand confined utilization of its purported Horizon Machine to its almost 500 retail locations and mail-in repair focuses; and it has monitored its outline intently. 

The change likewise comes as eight U.S. states have propelled "appropriate to repair" bills went for prying open the firmly controlled repair systems of Apple and other cutting edge producers. 

Apple said authoritative weight was not a factor in its choice to share its innovation. It enabled Reuters to view and photo the machines in real life at a lab close to its Cupertino, California home office. As of not long ago, Apple had never formally recognized the Horizon Machine's presence. iPhone keeps restarting

The underlying take off intends to place machines in 200, or around 4 percent, of Apple's 4,800 approved specialist organizations worldwide throughout the following couple of months. The organization intends to twofold that figure before the year's over. 

"We've been on a journey to grow our scope," said Brian Naumann, senior executive of administration operations at Apple. He said repair hold up times have developed at a portion of the organization's busiest retail locations. iPhone keeps restarting

Pilot testing began a year prior. Notwithstanding Miami, a couple of machines as of now are working at outsider repair focuses in the Bay Area, London, Shanghai and Singapore. Shops in a few nations where Apple has no retail nearness will likewise be early beneficiaries, incorporating areas in Colombia, Norway and South Korea. Apple would not state how much its accomplices are paying for the gear. iPhone keeps restarting

Undoubtedly, any shopping center repair stand can supplant a split iPhone screen. Apple says its clients can get their gadgets settled at non-approved shops without voiding their guarantees as long as the expert caused no harm. 

Yet, the Horizon Machine is expected to cure the trickiest incidents, for example, when the unique mark sensor joined to the back of the glass gets harmed when a telephone is dropped. iPhone keeps restarting

For security, just Apple's fix-it machine can tell the iPhone's processor, its silicon cerebrum, to perceive a substitution sensor. Without it, the iPhone won't open with the touch of a finger. Saving money applications that require a unique mark won't work either, including the Apple Pay computerized wallet.

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